500W Power Inverter Circuit based TIP35C

500W power inverter circuit diagram based TIP35C

This is the 500W power inverter circuit, converting a 12VDC battery (usually car battery) to become 220-240V AC power. The inverter is powered using 6 pairs of transistor TIP35C which connected in parallel, so it will be 12 TIP35C transistors.

There is certainly only one variable resistance in this circuit diagram which is made use of to adjust frequency of 240V AC output current. It is best to have a frequency meter to adjust this frequency of 50HZ to 60HZ as per your requirement. Please don’t power up any device using your inverter just before frequency adjustment for the reason that a wrong AC frequency can burn your equipment as well as your inverter.

Inverter, is an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The input voltage, output voltage and frequency, and overall power handling depend on the design of the specific device or circuitry. The inverter does not produce any power; the power is provided by the DC source.

Component parts list:

  • 2 Resisters 470 Ohm ¼ Watt
  • 3 Resisters 22 Ohm 1 Watt
  • 1 Variable resister 10K
  • 1 Capacitor1uf
  • 1 Capacitor 220uf
  • 1 Zener diode 8.2V
  • 1 IC CD4047
  • 1 IC 7809
  • 1 Transformer 12+12/240 (500W)
  • 2 Transistors D313
  • 12 Power Transistors TIP35C (make two pairs of 6 transistors each connected in parallel)
  • 2 Heat sinks to fit power transistors
  • Some wiring wire (for connections)
  • A wiro-board (To build circuit on)
  • A 12V battery of 12V power supply for testing purposes

This 500W power inverter circuit come from researchcell.com

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  1. I have tried to build this 500w power inverter circuit base TIP35C, though with only 2 (a pair) of TIP35C transistors but it’s not working.
    Please what should I do

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