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Low cost inverter circuit

With this 500 W cheap inverter inverter 12 V/220 VAC scheme, a constant voltage of 12 V can be converted to AC 220 V. 4047 chip produces a square wave generator of 50 Hz. square wave pulse will be amplified and then fed to the step-up transformer.

Calculate the parameters of the transformer

The base ratio for the transformer Pin = Pout, where

Pin = Vin × Iin – power of the primary winding,
Pout = Iout × VOUT – power of the secondary winding.

For example, if we want to connect to the inverter load 220 W at a voltage of 220 V, secondary current must be 220/220 = 1 A. In this case, the primary winding must be designed, at least at current 3.18 A, as 12 × 18.3 = 220 Tues

Thus, you need to winding the transformer, increasing 12 to 220, with the primary winding must be rated for currents up to 20A

Attention: This 500 W cheap inverter inverter 12 V/220 VAC Circuit is using high voltage that is lethal. Please take appropriate precautions

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