Mini Power Inverter using SCR, 300V 400Hz

SCR mini power inverter circuit diagram
Here the mini power inverter which built with SCR. The circuit is simple and inexpensivey. With SCR as the main part, act as oscillator generator 400Hz. The output of this power inverer is about 300V by use voltage input 12V and current 0.8A.
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100W inverter 12V to 220V

100W inverter circuit diagram
To lower or raise any specific voltage is better adapted from a transformer, but this component does not operate in direct current, which is available in battery or vehicle. Therefore we must put an oscillator that generates an alternative current.
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True Sinewave Inverter 1000W Xantrex

Xantrex Prowatt 1000W True Sinewave Inverter
This is a recommended true sinewave inverter product which give you 1000W power output. The inverter is manufactured by Xantrex. 1000W True Sinewave Inverter Features: Built-in digital display for DC volts and output power Built-in USB port Dual GFCI AC receptacles for safe operation Heavy duty terminals for...
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Low Cost 20W/40W Fluorescent Lamp Inverter

Low Cost 20W Flourescent Lamp Inverter
This is certainly a low-cost 20W/40W fluorescent lamp inverter circuit project. Even so the maximum effective would be to make use of a 40 watt tube (or two 20 watt tubes in series). It is a circuit you may put collectively from junk box parts or assemble from...
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