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500W Power Inverter Circuit using Transistor 2N3055

500W power inverter circuit diagram

This is the scheme diagram of 500W power inverter circuit which build using 10 pieces of well-known NPN power transistor 2N3055 to amplify the AC signal produced by multivibrator. The frequency generator / multivibrator is built based on transistors too. All of the components is easy to gathered from the electronic store.

Transistored Power Inverter 500W

Transistored Power Inverter 500W
This is the transistored power inverter circuit diagram, capable to handle up to 500W output loads. The circuit built based 50Hz square wave generator 4047 and square wave signal amplifier based power transistor 2N3055.

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August 10th, 2011 at 2:33 pm

MOSFET Power Inverter 500W using RFP50N06

MOSFET power inverter 500W

Another MOSFET power inverter which capable to deliver 500W electric power. The inverter build using MOSFET power RFP50N06, convert DC input 12V and give you AC voltage output 110V-220V.

500W Modified Sine Wave Inverter Controlled by PIC16F628A

500W Modified Sine Wave Inverter
This Modified Sine Wave Inverter frequency rate is 50Hz, give you 240V AC output. Powered by the 2 pieces of power MOSFETs STP55NF06L, the inverter capable to deliver up to 500W power. The PIC16F628A is programmed to produce a logic 5v signal for 5ms at pin 17 then 15ms off. Then the same at pin 18, 5ms on then 15ms off (4.17ms for 60Hz). That is one cycle which is then looped.

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