Cheap Tripp Lite Portable Inverter 375W

Cheap Tripp Lite Portable Inverter 375W

This product is the cheap Tripp Lite portable inverter 375W. The inverter product supplies up to 375 watts of continuous 120V AC power to two AC outlets from any 12V car battery or automotive DC source. This portable inverter electrical power rating make sit excellent for not just laptop computers, but will also portable electronics, battery chargers for cell phones, pagers, notepads, game consoles, individual printers and battery rechargers for small battery-operated power equipment, portable TV-VCR-stereo systems, camcorders, lighting, and also other applications less than 375 watts.

Inverter, is an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The input voltage, output voltage and frequency, and overall power handling depend on the design of the specific device or circuitry. The inverter does not produce any power; the power is provided by the DC source.

The cheap Tripp Lite portable inverter 375W has very good user review, here the two of them:

By Diane Abney:
I’m certainly a truck driver and bought this 3 years ago. I’ve made use of it 4 – 5 days every week, 6 – 8 hrs each day, on regular to work with a heating pad on my back, run a big boom box to play cassette tapes, recharge cell phones and PDAs at numerous occasions. The fan noise that other people mention was certainly not a concern since the truck is fairly loud, but I certainly not had problems with overheating or overloading like I did with smaller inverters without having fan. This is definitely a incredible workhorse, probably the greatest gadgets I ever ordered for use at work.

By S. Chase:
Fantastic style! After a lot of investigation, I bought this product and have utilized it extensively for the last couple months. Up to now, practically nothing bad to report. A lot of testimonials commented on how loud the fan was but I barely heard it at all. Nor did it get too warm. It will be quite simple mechanically, so I believe it is as reliable as any other inverter. For anybody who is not sure what size to have, always be on the dependable side and GO Large! Tripp Lite produces them in a variety of sizes.

Inverter Product Features:

  • 375 watts continuous output power; up to 600 watts instantaneous power
  • 3-ft. cord with cigarette lighter plug
  • PowerVerter Ultra-Compact Inverter, portable power for all applications
  • Rugged all-metal housing
  • 2 AC outlets; convenient cigarette lighter plug

This inverter is sold at a price of around 43 USD.
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