250W Inverter Circuit based MOSFET

250W Inverter Circuit based MOSFET
This 250W inverter circuit converts the 12V DC input from car battery. The output will be 120V AC or 220V AC depended on the transformer used. The inverter work at 60Hz frequency.

The inverter circuit operation is very simple. The IC1 (timer IC 555) will generate a 120-Hz signal. Then the signal is fed to a CD4013BE flip-flop (IC1-a). The CD4013BE divides the input frequency by two to generate a 60-Hz clocking frequency for the FET array (Q1 through Q6). The MOSFETs amplify the signal to get high electric power (high current) then passed the low voltage high current AC signal to the transformer. Transformer T1 is a 12-/24-V center-tapped 60-Hz transformer of suitable size.

250W inverter circuit source: dcinverter.blogspot.com

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