150W Tripp Lite Portable Inverter 12VDC to 120VAC

Tripp Lite Portable Inverter

This is the 150W Tripp Lite portable inverter and it will convert the 12VDC input from car battery power source to become 120VAC output. The inverter taps the power of your vehicle’s battery to power your personal electronics—wherever life takes you. It’s the ideal power solution for mobile professionals, travelers and anyone who needs portable power. The 150W Tripp Lite portable inverter efficiently converts DC (battery) power into 120V AC (household) power to run your notebook, charge your cell phone and more!

150W Tripp Lite Portable Inverter Features:

Inverter, is an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The input voltage, output voltage and frequency, and overall power handling depend on the design of the specific device or circuitry. The inverter does not produce any power; the power is provided by the DC source.
  • PowerVerter Ultra-Compact Inverter, portable power for all applications
  • 150 watts continuous output power; up to 300 watts instantaneous power
  • 1 AC outlet; convenient cigarette lighter plug
  • Rugged all-metal housing

150W Tripp Lite Portable Inverter 12VDC to 120VAC Review:
Appears to do the job just fine — have only utilized it for cell phone and small game units. The benefit of this smaller unit is no fan – quiet. Some devices will need the power of the larger (noisy fan) model. Low price inverters like this generate electric power which is an approximate sine wave as opposed the excellent sine wave that come out of a wall outlet — as far I know this is not a issue for typical consumer electronic equipment, laptops and so on — but it is most likely worth checking the user manual of the device to be powered just to ensure there are no precautions about utilizing it with an inverter. Nevertheless, the AC motors in things like power tools and appliances may possibly run a bit lest efficiently when connected to an (affordable) inverter. We’ve utilized this with a variety of cell phone/ipod/handheld game chargers and so far haven’t experienced any issues.

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