1000W Power Inverter Circuit Design

1000W Power Inverter Circuit Design

1000W power inverter circuit design diagram. This inverter circuit produces stable square wave at 60Hz. Recommended IC1 is LT1013 which offers better drive, but you may use LM358. The heatsink should be use for the MOSFET.

2 thoughts on “1000W Power Inverter Circuit Design

  1. Chime Chris says:

    Good day
    Please i need your help, kindly hepl me with 1.5kva as an out ac inverter with 24vdc or 48vdc as an input.
    I need the diagram and the list of the component with the values and formulas on how to calculate such components..


  2. diep says:

    muốn ra tần số 50hz thì làm thế nào

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